Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pizzzzzaaaa : from the scratch :)

All set to grill
I love junk, so does mama. one thing we both love in unison when it comes to food. junk is my comfort food because they taste like a whole new world, yum. my first year of married life survived on junk, especially pizza and KFC. When i came to Swiss i had big big dreams on attacking the new food and the various European cuisine from the n number of restaurants. unfortunately the first ever ham pizza i tried from a well know Italian restaurant tasted like sea salt my hopes slowly started to shatter. to be more precise what ever we tasted was suppose to taste the same way and mama already warned me about it. Of course i dint believe him. i realized my Desi tongue will not enjoy Non-Desi (spicy) food.  I use spicy sauce for my pasta too.

Hence the idea of making my own pizza was born. Secondly when we shopped in the nearby store i got hold of some yeast, which put some momentum to my love to bake. But the final call was when i saw one of my favorite blogger posting lovely pictures of the pizza she had made from the scratch. Here there is also a  fourth factor that lead to my making : mama (he missed pizza hut's chicken tikka pizza) 

Watching the crust raise and cheese melt......yummmm

I don't have the habit of following one recipe to the dot. i like tot add or remove stuff so that the dish that comes out will have my tag, my own recipe. So the pizza i made is a combined effort of 3 blogs and one cook.

The process is a long and time consuming one but the results are worth it. The pizza base takes up almost 2 and a half hour to get ready. In India we get ready-made bases which mostly get burnt or get tough and finally turn tasteless. So to make a good pizza we need a very good pizza base recipe, which i luckily got from here
Next is the pizza sauce. Mama mainly hated the sweetness in the ready made sauce we get here and he too preferred spicy sauce. Aided by two red chillies and three of my favorite Italian herbs (oregano, parsley and basil) the sauce was made in no time. I prefer dried herbs so that they would last long. They are much cheaper this way. That's the biggest problem with Swiss, it damn costly and making your own food might help you save 75% of the money you spend on buying ready-made food.

 The third part of the pizza will be the topping. Again inspired by another food blogger I decided to add chicken to my pizza, she had used tandoori masala. i on the other-hand had no tandoori masala and cant buy one due to my geographical location. i made my own chicken sauce with the regular and my always faithful ingredients and a tad bit of Shakthi chicken masala ( brought from India). LOL

While layering i added some onions and corn for the crispness and generously spread fresh Mozzarella cheese

There you are. Perfectly made!!

It was a wonderful junk evening. With a glass full of coke and a big slice of pizza in hand we chatted on how to clean up the mess i had made in the kitchen. Mama is a everything-must-be-clean person who always finds some place or the other in our house that needs cleaning.


  1. Yum indeed! This side of your life, according to me, is the most romantic. You might think it's other things and that practically there's probably very little romance in everyday life, but the way you talk about your "mama" with a smiley and the way you tell us about little things that he does or says... That's the most romantic thing I've ever seen. I'm so happy to see that you're willing to give a glimpse of your heaven to us. Good going, Chels, here's to you and your new blog!

  2. neeru thanks a ton for the comment :)