Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The begining, hope this is not the end :)

I don't know why I wanna blog. After failing two times miserably I feel lucky the third time. So I am trying to prove me wrong. After this new post i will duck myself under a cover like the last time and decide that this will be my last "third time blogging" attempt Or by some sort of grace I might even continue which i think is mostly doubtful. Who cares? if at all some one does, that will be me and I don't mind :D

The two best things I love in this world will be writing and food. I did take up writing seriously and it ended up in trash. As for cooking, the exploring and experimenting started just two years back when i got my own kitchen and money. Of course how can I forget the GUINEA PIG, who provided me both the kitchen and money, my lovable mama. He is not much of a eater and eats whatever i make (he has no choice). He never comments, which is irritating at times but that's what husbands are all about.

When I wanted to blog I knew for sure it must either be about my writings or my cooking. But my inspiration to pen down here came from all those n number of bloggers who give loads of recipe ideas on every possible cuisine available in this world. Being one among them will look like a cliche cuz most of my cooking comes from those pages. So I thought may be I can write about the food I love and the incidents that relates to them and add pics of what I cooked into this blog. That would give me the satisfaction of living, this is not for others to read and enjoy which is highly doubted. It's just to tell myself that I too can blog. Slowly that might even help me to come out of the block I am suffering from.

As in for the name FONDUE INDIAN , fondue is Switzerland's national food which is molten cheese gooey and yes full of fat. LOL. In so many ways Switzerland has helped me with my cooking expedition starting with the oven and ingredients, I wouldn dare to buy back home. But have this SMALL liking for the fondue which itself is a SIN, it made me FAT :P.

As for who I am, should I even reveal myself??

I am Chella KS Nathan from India. Married to a Charted Accountant who surprisingly is not a geek. Our happy little world has become much more pleasanter with the arrival of our little princess who is our light. We live in Geneva, Switzerland where boredom is unavoidable and hence this new endeavor (read it craziness ). 


  1. a great treat for the tongue.thanks a ton papoye

    Love to see you take off your mommy hat, and grab your writer's hat

  2. Here comes the first fan of your blog. Its very interesting to read. Expecting your next post soon.

  3. Awesome Chells and keep up your good work. Expecting your next blog... Nice writing and pictures are also handy. Hope you will give me a foodie treat in person rather in pictures alone :P