Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pasta: extremely versatile :)

A perfect dinner

Pasta: my second food. The first one is rice cuz I am from south India and its staple, not that I like it . I had no choice. Mama is a perfect south Indian who can eat rice for all three meals and he never gets bored. He would never try new food and was totally against it. But now times have changed, kudos to me!!

 As in for pasta, I knew it existed when Sunfeast manufactured its instant pasta which I did not like(the taste). But only after my marriage I got the first ever pasta packet, it was penne pasta and a pasta sauce, barilla brand. I always need some kind of pushing (advice) to do new things, it was Selvi athai whom I asked . She readily told me how easy it is to make pasta and how yummy it tastes.

 The sizzling garlic bits in hot olive oil, the aroma of fried chilli flakes, the flavor from oregano, sweetness of the tomato, crunchy capsicum and carrot bits: everything was there in the pasta. I ate what I made, clean sweep. Mama was happy that I did not give him any :). The second time I cooked pasta I added some soy sauce and tomato sauce, it was wonderful.

After experiencing the pasta bliss twice I was a little bold to make pasta for mama which he didn't like, highly expected reaction (for god sake, it was his first pasta). Still not beaten by mama's negative comments I brought another pasta sauce, this time pesto flavor.

At Residency towers

This picture was clicked at Residency Towers on my birthday. to make things more clear, this was the first time i tried my hands on real pasta made by a real pasta cook. It was spaghetti pasta with tomato sauce and baked cherry tomatoes. It was a wonderful evening and this time too mama could maximum eat just a strand.

After a little affair with some fusilli and farfalle pasta I went through "getting a bigger bump" phase and delivered my princess on time. Then we flew down to Geneva, Switzerland where pasta is one of the staple food and 'surprise surprise' mama had already brought a packet of pasta and there was pasta sauce in the fridge. The happiest part is that "instant noodles" is much more expensive than a whole packet of pasta. I had this broad smile on my face cuz I get the chance to explore every variety of pasta and sauce.

My first attempt here was a success and mama loved it, it was a tad spicy than the normal pasta. Now its become a part of my life (just like rice), I use it and substitute it for everything. Cooking a little pasta in chicken stock and adding it to any soup will definitely make you a tummy full happy person. When broken and cooked spaghetti becomes some sort of a new substitute for rice and roti that goes well with left over chicken curry and vegetable kuruma. Just add some chopped vegetable, soy sauce and some dried basil and oregano its yummy again. Pasta goes well with any kind of meat and I love to eat it with tuna and lots of olive oil. If sweets are on your mind, pour chocolate sauce over the milk cooked pasta, it feels like heaven.

I love to make things from the scratch and I have my eyes on making my own pasta one day. Its just that I need a lot of time and patience which I don't have now. As for the pasta sauce I tried making my own version keeping just tomato as my base and it was good. 

With Potato Cheese balls
Speaking of pasta I really need to cook some after posting this page :D.

Its just not over here, I can write more about pasta. Maybe another time. By the by sorry for the bad photography, they were not clicked with the intention of being in a blog.

Finally a big thank you to my baby Babbi who slept peaceful on my lap the whole time I wrote this post.

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  1. No more 'I hate pastas' is turning out to be a yummy staple item every week.
    I don't mind missing idly/dosa one bit as I am happy and proud that pasta has become a part of papu's repertoire!