Friday, September 6, 2013

One for the failures


I know I have shut down myself once again from writing and I cringe at that thought almost everyday I see my blogger button on the menu bar. 7 long months have gone without me penning down my food thoughts in this wonderful space of mine. I went through a lot of ups and downs in my personal front and a 'deeper' down in the food life. After the "kalyana sapadu" my cooking skills have been impaired. After bragging for months about how good I am at the kitchen repeated failures stuck me at the wrong end of life.

The brownie that I used to make often suddenly became the worst challenge ever, a simple kuruma became a vegetable slush, after so much Chinese cooking for years the black soy chicken looked nothing like the 'Chilli chicken' I posted before. I have never felt ashamed about anything but that piece of solid sand bars I called spring rolls, I unfortunately served it to someone too. How can I ever forget the burnt stuffed buns?? I have always been a safe person in the kitchen and the past 2 months saw continues bruises and burns on both my hands. Sigh!!

Ahh!! my bad I think. It sucks to know that the simplest things in life looks extremely complicated and complex. I am not a dot to dot recipe following person but still I used to get good results but suddenly things looked bad and I had to stop.

But I can never explain why some one will want to visit my page. I never check the number of visits or tell anyone about my blogging traits. Facebook has no idea about my blog so does most of  my friends and family. I keep hiding and I have no idea why I should. probably because I am this 'private' person I believe I am. But still I got some page visits, people even commented and I felt real guilty. I felt sorry for this space which needs more love and affection from me.

After so much thought I some how made myself sit down and click the 'new post' button just to stay afloat on the blogging world.

Veena's Acchu

I know I talked about the bad things but very few good things happened too. One good thing I will call : Veena, a typical mallu mother who adores her husband just the same way as I do. We clicked the third day  on a four day trip to Holland and still keeps clicking every day on Skype or in person. This was the time I had finally made myself accept the fact that Geneva was no place to find friends. That is the reason why I took 3 days to accept this women and then there is no turning back.

She by far has no interests what so ever in cooking but that never stopped us from bonding. Even though I talk about my cooking skills, I failed to impress her with the food. The spring rolls happened with her and I stopped talking about food since then. The only thing that we both talk about will be our children. She has a 3 year old and mine is 2 now, the kids like each other so much and that itself aided the friendship. Veena has a lot of friends here in Geneva and I was really not surprised to find that. Since then I have made quiet a good lot of friends who are wonderful and make me happy all the time.

Venna and I often share food these days and I really fell in love with her mother's prawn chutney podi and pulli pickle. I am going to steal the recipe for sure, they sure are generation passing recipes. I might post the pictures if I ever make them :)

Repeat failures means going back to the basic right? Oh ya I have been making a lot of typical south Indian food for a while and it is BORING. But I have no choice and here comes Veena with her idiyappam machine so that I can make myself fall in love with the south Indian noodle again.

 Coming back to the basic means a lot to me, mentally I am preparing to move on and find peace with what ever happened. Somewhere in the near future a prim and proper pie is going to pop up in this blog, if luck permits.

Thin Idiyappams

Idiyappam or string hoppers is one of my favorite breakfast dishes. The only problem here is the acchu or machine we use to press the hoppers. My mum makes thick iddiyapams which I hate so much. I adore the thin iddiyams which is a sight to see at Saravana Bhavan. I always thought it was impossible to find a acchu that will make thin iddiyapams back then. After marriage I never thought of it since we were living under the idly roof and Saravana Bhavan was 1 km away from our house.

After the Geneva moving it was oven, baking, adventure blah blah and never iddiyapam. When Venna told me about hers I was tempted because we no longer live under idly roof and the nearest Saravana Bhavan is 3 hours away in Paris. She gladly lent me her machine which gave super results and tasted yum with the kuruma (my amma's recipe) that somehow made a good appearance after a long time.

Almost a year later mama and I felt home with the iddiyappams. It made our day. Our little two year old is a fussy eater now. She is not in when such magic happens at home and wont give a try. There will always be a  next time with her. She will definitely like it if she eats it.

For me it is more like a ray of hope that will show me the way to continue falling in love with cooking and experimenting. Thank you to all those people who had the heart to read my "stuff" and comment.



  1. You know, such things happen to us all! It will pass, believe me...

    A great breakfast!



  2. Hey Chella!
    I hope that you are doing fine...
    Are you back in Geneva?
    I hope to hear from you soon.

    P.S. Your Facebook account isn't available anymore, so I thought that I'd contact you via your blog.