Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The new culinarian :)

My Hero :) 
The first question I asked mama when we were sitting for a real life 'bride-seeing-traditional- interview' was "Do you know to cook?" mind you, I asked him that. He was completely taken back and shocked. His eyes grew wide with horror and he gave a big confident NO. LOL, wasn't that funny? I wanted my husband to love food like me, I wanted him to cook on the weekends and enjoy eating. 

Phew!! guess what actually happened?

 True to his NO till date I have never seen the man cook with love or even love the food that I cook(except for his 'specials'). how sick is that? I just love to cook and food is something I dream about everyday and I live with this guy who is never hungry for any kinda food except for SAMBAR, THEEYAL and PULICURRY (go to hell you three, I hate you with all my life).

Pulicurry : Mama made

Enough of this, mama will read the post for sure and he might end up cutting my experiment money in the name of my big mouth which by the way I have. He is still in a state of shock since I got 12 little sambar onions for 3.50 francs. Geneva is expensive and I cant help the fact.

Even though mama hates cooking he somehow can manage without me around(that's bad). He is fond of all the different masala packets and tries to make tiramisu with it. NO KIDDING. He recently made fish fry with chicken pepper masala plus the other pantry ingredients which was quiet a hit with us (please don't try it at home). Some of his famous cooking experiments include bread poori (first ever food he cooked for me), tomato rice aka biriyani using shakthi biriyani masala, tomato thookku and red cabbage poriyal. When I am not around mama goes really experimental with food, he made crab thokku, salmon fry and turkey oven roast which he says tasted like heaven. I was miles away to tell how heaven it was. PS: he still has no idea how to operate the oven, my other baby. Of-course the regular sambar, theeyal and pullicurry : his SPECIALS will find place in his cooking list every damn week. I still cant tolerate watching him gobble them with glee on skype.

Unusual combination: fish kolambu &cabbage poriyal

I still agree to one thing he makes very good fish kolambu. I am not trying to save my skin here but truly agree that nothing can beat his fish kolambu. I have asked for second servings, its that good.  The next best thing will be his "chutneys". I can never make a decent chutney in a million years and mama can make one so we compliment each other well :P. he came home few months back with a recipe in his mind (from a food blog, a one time happening) and cooked Khova. Ah it tasted too good to be mama made but still I cant make one like that. I ate most of it and it was just like the shop brought, that is a breakthrough from someone who hates cooking. I know I inspire him, he never says so but I can READ him can't I?

Bread upma and ice coffee: Saturday delights

He can make real good bread upma too, they taste especially lovely on Saturday mornings. The final killer with be the team work: our quick rava dosa. This is a simple and easy recipe we (yes, the both of us) learnt together from the vah reh vah chef. Mama is an expert in this sprinkling technique and I make the mix for the dosa. It is really impossible for me to put the picture because once the dosa comes out of the tava it goes directly into my stomach, yes it just like that vanishes. Mama will also make the ac-compliment, his famous coconut chutney.

The winner :)

The last week was a sick week for me. I fell ill and I hate it. I have this little baby to take care and falling sick means torture to me. My routine is at stake and this time it was bad sickness. I was down with pain and I was swooning cuz of the pills. On weekdays such things means nightmare. I cannot ask my almost workaholic husband to stay home to take care of things and it is not fair. I know his job and the BOSS, who is a real pain. For the past two months I had to give up mama even on weekends. Seven days a week and 16 hours a day, that's worst for anyone is in't it? I am not exaggerating here.

Of-course they were BLAND :D

 Mama was getting ready and he promised to come early to take care fo Babbi the day I got sick. All of a sudden he took off and said he will take care right from that point. I know its nothing for most for you but for me, I am still in the state of shock that he actually decided to stay home for me and took care of babbi.  He cooked all the three meals for three big days in a row which is again a feat. I did enjoy the pampering, he did not let me do any work ( that was life!!). Lets talk about food shall we? it was the fish fry the other day and a simple vegetarian meal the next day. I had the pleasure of eating his rasam, tomato thokku and beans stir fry, bliss( this is purely exaggeration, LOL). His extravagant cooking marathon finished with his infamous pulicurry, papadam and some masala vada. It had its effects on me. I will not talk about the taste here, it does not matter anymore (does it??). What actually matters is the feel I got from the experience, I still wish to not fall sick again. :p . 

Busy mixing for Vada

None of these photographs were taken to be on the blog. They are one time happenings and I wish to keep the memories alive. Most of these are mama's clicks. As for his photo HE suggested it (quite a show off) and was very particular I post one with his ray ban glasses on . Sure I did MAMA, hope you like it :)

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