Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Red, hot and gloomy :(

There are days in my life when I get pushed and pressured way too much. There are days when I get up in the morning just for the sake of going back to sleep in the night. Those days are called mama-less days. A typical day starts with his bye to the office and ends with me waking up in the middle of the night hearing the door being opened. There are even days when mama goes to London for work and he wont even have time to see us on skype. Ah!! A very pitiable thing for the both of us. When you got to live in a friendless place all alone it makes it quiet miserable and climate goes for the final kill. Its already winter here, fall as in is just for name sake. Winter means minus degrees topped with a little snow. The temperature wont go anything above 15 degrees and its way too cold for a happy stroll in the park around 3 in the afternoon. Plus it rains STUPID, not drizzle not pouring it just rains. I wish Edward lived here, he would love this place. But he wont Bella is not here. 

Where the hell is the sun???

 When mama is here he comes home for lunch and that will be the only reason for me to cook something. I make separate meals for Babbi, so her stuff happens just the way like every other day. For the past two weeks its been hectic for us and I literally don't cook anything nice anymore. Today started just the same way and I was even planning to sleep some more and make curd rice, he wont notice anyway. But the moment I opened the fridge I had to change my mind. 

I brought some boneless chicken which was on sale the weekend and I used one pack of it to make some kebabs. The other pack was begging me to make some chilli chicken since Monday. The gloomy out side was also asking for something red hot and yummy. Chilli chicken calls for fried rice and I was not ready to cut veggies. So the next option sitting right there were two sweet corn cobs. Sweet corn is very expensive here and I again have to be very careful not to throw it away. Since I am not a 'canning' friendly person I try to buy them fresh when they are available and use them in what ever possible way. 

3 cobs for 3.75 francs, quel domage its on sale!!

Once the core ingredients are chosen  it becomes easy to cook. I never usually plan my cooking until and unless I feel the need. I am someone who will do all sorts of mistakes and get into trouble when I don't plan. So if it is an elaborate meal or complicated cooking planning is mandatory. Weekdays never need planning, mama wont even notice what I have cooked so its always easy cooking. 

The chilli chicken and sweet corn fried rice that I made were really a weekday meal and I wont do them on weekends. They posses no challenge and they work very fine with the pantry ingredients. Safe and tasty. 


The chilli chicken is an adapted recipe from three blogs, I don't even remember which three. It is a bit old and written down recipe to my style rather than those bookmarked ones which I try to follow completely.  The fried rice is my own recipe, I add subji masala to my rice if I feel so, hence its my own product which tastes real good.

Love the YELLOW!!!

Babbi was very appreciative as she tasted the rice with lots of enthusiasm and gave a thumps up with her smile. She hardly ate a spoon full and was done, nothing more can I expect from a one year old. I started eating completely satisfied after insulting mama on skype with all possible (ninja, puking, angry, crying, sad, thumbs down) similes. He turned up after sometime and was really not apologetic. 

The funny part is that he ate the whole thing the way he would eat curd rice and pickle. No, he did not notice. AIYO RAMA!!!


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