Friday, March 2, 2012

This one's for you, poo:)

  Poornima is the poo this post is dedicated to. We share a very special 'bond' that grows stronger everyday. She is one of those rarest 'finds' from college who thinks I make sense when I tell her something, normally considered to be crap by others.We have very similar interests and all that we talk interests the both of us. It seldom happens with others inclusive of mama. During college we spent n number of hours standing in the corridor talking and laughing. We did not hang out much or stayed in the same group throughout college. It was like on and off all the time but that never affected what we felt for each other and 'opening up' was made easy. I have some of my best college memories with her, the foremost being the day I got  placed. She stayed the whole day waiting, motivating and praying so that I get-through. I owe you one poo :)

She flew to the US to do her masters soon after college. Since then we are again on and off through gtalk and Skype. When I told her about the blog she was damn excited about it. She even told me about how she has fallen in love with cooking and the various healthy recipes she cooks everyday. I wish could eat them some day, it will be a fantastic reunion:)

It was poo who suggested the word 'burritos' to me, yes here we come to the food part this blog is all about. I was telling her that I had no clue about the tex-mex cuisine which I very badly wanted to try. Since I am a food fanatic my eyes are always glued to the TV when there is a food show. Top chef, Master chef, Food safari, Bizarre foods, Man vs food, Nigella express and much much more, huh!! those were the days when all time was my time. It was Maeve O'Meara's Food safari show that made me fall in love with the tex-mex cuisine. I was heavily pregnant by then and I was not in for trying new food.

Yellow and Red : Tex-Mex

 But once I came here my search for a restaurant that serves the cuisine started, but still haven't found one:(. So when Poo told me that very special word I have no idea about I looked for it in immediately :). This website is a wonderful place, full of food recipes I have no idea about. It gave a me fair idea on what burritos is. But still I ended up making a different dish, meaning i did not do the traditional burrito wrap. I some how got lost, lol.

That was appetizing :)

I am a frequent visitor to Migros and Coop (the nilgires or wal mart in Swiss) with Babbi, our 'outgoing' time. So I had a fair idea about the ingredients the website was talking about.Mama was surprisingly excited about my idea. Ever since the blog he seem to have broadened his food choices and readily agrees to my crazy plans.

 I got some Fajita spice mix, some chunky salsa and ready made flour tortillas (12CHF in a bang). The salsa sauce was extra hot version and the fajita spice mix was the less spicy version (was not able to find a hotter version). Poo mentioned some black beans and I had no idea where to find them fresh since I am not a tin-friendly person. So I cooked some chickpeas and rajma beans which were a very good alternative owing to our unfamiliarity with the food's actual taste.

I planned to serve them for the dinner and did not think of an alternative in case of a failure, fingers crossed. 

Everything was clear about the making. Youtube and Google has never let me down when it comes to such adventures. With the help of two videos from Youtube ( how to make a tortilla and how to wrap a tortilla) it was all done in minutes. I just had to cut some onions and green peppers, add them to the beans and pour the salsa, add the spice mix and heat them for some time. There you go my mix/stuffing was ready. The tortillas were so soft and I was very careful not to tear them. Wrapping was fun and then I toasted them to seal the shape. In some of my tortillas I added cheese, it seriously adds glam to the food.

Wrapped up 

Something that started as a burrito ended up looking like a postcard. But my only concern was the taste. It is mandatory for mama to try anything I cook first, its been happening ever since I started cooking. He mocks me a little about this fact but I don't mind as long as he does the 'tasting'.

The last one

He did like them and he ate the whole thing in a go, that's mainly because I didn't make a proper lunch that day. Another trick of mine that mostly works. Anyways it was a good dinner and it was so easy to make just like how Nigella makes things in a jiffy.


  1. WOW, Chella... your blog is unique in recipes AND the stories behind them too. Your writing is as appetizing as your cooking. :) Keep up!
    And thanks for the lovely comments on my blogs.

    1. thank u thena:) i can never forget ur painting. u have a great talent and i am glad i found u :)